Your air conditioning unit is your best friend, especially during summer. Nevada summers are intense, and without a trusty air conditioner pumping cool air into your home or business, life is miserable. Over time, you’ll notice that your air conditioner has a reliable rhythm. You may not realize you’re aware of the pattern, but if it gets weird, you’ll notice. You’ll hear and feel the pleasant flow of cool air and then wonder why it stopped so soon. But then it will turn back on … and then back off. If this is happening to you, it’s time to give us a call. Air conditioners behave sporadically for several reasons, and we’ll need to actually visit to fully understand what is going on. Here is one of the most common possibilities:

The air filter is dirty

  • Dirty air filters are one of the most common causes of AC issues. They just mess everything up! In this case, a dirty air filter can block so much air from entering the unit that the coil freezes up. When this happens, the air conditioner shuts off. A few minutes after, the coil will thaw enough for the unit to resume. The restricted airflow will freeze the coil and it will shut off, continuing a cycle we can easily stop … if you just give us a call!
  • There are other reasons your air conditioner might be tripping up. We’ll explore them in our next blog!

At Tippetts Mechanical, we work hard all summer to keep Las Vegas air conditioners running strong. Contact us for air conditioning service today!

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