1. Is an HVAC Service Plan Worth It?

    At Tippetts Mechanical, we understand why people are leery of HVAC service plans. Service plans require regular payments, and people don't want to get locked into paying for service they may not need. They want to save money by only paying when things go wrong. This would be a great way to handle HVAC maintenance it if problem magnitude wasn't an issue. Unfortunately, when HVAC problems are left …Read More

  2. Does Your A/C Keep Turning On and Off? Part 2

    We're approaching the end of air conditioner season, but there's still several weeks left. You need your air conditioner to keep going strong! Tippetts Mechanical is here to make sure that happens. We're familiar with the many issues that air conditioners run into, including frequent starting and stopping. Many people don't notice it at first, but once the intervals become rapid enough, it's hard …Read More

  3. Does Your A/C Keep Turning On and Off? Part 1

    Your air conditioning unit is your best friend, especially during summer. Nevada summers are intense, and without a trusty air conditioner pumping cool air into your home or business, life is miserable. Over time, you'll notice that your air conditioner has a reliable rhythm. You may not realize you're aware of the pattern, but if it gets weird, you'll notice. You'll hear and feel the pleasant fl…Read More

  4. Do You Need a New Air Conditioner? Part 3

    There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a Nevada summer with a broken air conditioner. It’s hard to even sleep. At Tippetts Mechanical, we understand how important your air conditioner is, and we will always do whatever we can to keep it at the top of its game. That means we are available 24/7, and we know our stuff. We are always amazed at the air conditioners that people are w…Read More

  5. Do You Need a New Air Conditioner? Part 1

    In today’s blog, we turn our attention to the noble air conditioner that will keep you comfortable in the long-lived Nevada heat this summer. We all know that our air conditioners are our very best friends. When they have issues, nobody is happy. That is why we are going to take the next few blogs to share signs that your cool buddy needs maintenance as soon as possible. It just doesn’t cool …Read More

  6. How to Save Energy in Warmer Months – Part 2

    Summer is still in full swing, and staying cool is a perpetual issue. Not only does the heat make it hard to get around, it can ruin your sleep schedule ... and your budget. The good news is, Tippetts Mechanical is here to make sure your cooling units keeping going strong. We also have some tips for keeping your heating costs - and the temperature - down. In our last blog, we went through some adv…Read More

  7. Questions to Ask a Prospective HVAC Contractor Part 2

    In our last blog, we gave you a few questions to ask prospective HVAC contractors. We are going to continue with a few more questions, because we want to equip you to find the best contractor possible. The last thing you want is to hire an HVAC contractor who will damage your system or implement band-aid solutions. You deserve first-class service. Investigate HVAC contractors with the following qu…Read More

  8. What Your Heater Needs This Spring – Part 1

    Desert winters can be rough on heaters, especially at night. You’d be surprised how hard your heater has worked this past winter. At Tippetts Mechanical, we are familiar with heaters and the strain that the Las Vegas climate puts on them. We also know what it takes to settle them in for the heat of summer. Our goal is to ensure that your heater is good to go when the cold weather comes back. Not…Read More